Field of Specialization : Electrochemistry – Electroanalytical Chemistry –      Environmental Chemistry.
Primary & Secondary Schools Lycee Francais
B. Sc. / M. Sc. / Ph. D. Faculty of Science – Cairo University
Post-Graduate Studies Grenoble-France


At the end of 2001, the top management decided to inaugurate a new unit for ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS, Professor Hussein M. Fahmy “Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Science Cairo University” was assigned to erect and manage this new center and was appointed as Modern Academy Vice-Dean for Environmental Affairs according to the Ministry of Higher Education decree no. 1325/2001. At his sixties  he was assigned as consultant and   Dean of Environment, training and post graduate studies until he left In June 2016.



   ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS mission was to cooperate with any local and/or foreign Educational Institution or Environmental Organization to increase the environmental awareness concepts among local citizens technical personnel and in the different scientific disciplines in Egypt.


This new unit  dealt also with Graduate studies.  Two agreements were signed the first with the Arab League (MBA) which started in October 2007and the second with the University of Houston Victoria (UHV) which will cancelled by the president of the Academy..


  • The Environmental Affairs unit in the MAM had the proper contacts with local and foreign universities and Institutes and  perform all type of Qualitative and Quantitative analyses for all the local Industries.

  • Analysis of different types of waters, and Air is in our major line of expertise. A complete set of analyses is carried out in order to investigate the applicability of Egyptian Environmental Laws, such as Law 48/1982, 93/1963, 4/1994 and others.

  • This unit had  the facility of Monitoring Air and Water pollution, to perform EIA, to manage solid waste, water and Energy and to minimize as much as possible pollution through the applicability of modern and up to date techniques, to make environmental audits and to generate short and long term projects.

  • Trained young scientists carry out the sampling process professionally at your premises.


  • A joint program with the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences (AABFS) has been established and started in October 2007 and ended 2016.